About Us

When Jack, Tim, and Betty Webb started Saratoga Masonry Supply back in 1980, their goal was to go beyond merely filling the need for a masonry supply store between Albany and Glens Falls. "Our ultimate concept from the very first was to provide personalized service" they said. "We believe that all customers deserve and are entitled to that. We also paid close attention to detail and listened carefully to what our customers had to say."

"We've seen businesses come and go", they said. "Some thrive and grow while others lose sight of their original purpose and fade away. With our goal kept in sight, we believe if you treat the customer right and meet their needs, we would thrive and also have the best change to grow." Success would also be assured by carrying the best quality products of which we could be personally proud to sell.

Eventually, Jack and Betty turned Saratoga Masonry Supply over to their son Tim and retired. As president, son Tim has taken Saratoga Masonry Supply to the point of the go to spot in Saratoga County when masonry supplies and landsacpe products are needed.

Today, Tim and longtime employee and store manager Shane Petteys continue to search the market for new products, colors and trends to best meet the needs and pocketbooks for today's well educated customers. Customer service is still and will always be key to our success!