Thin Stone Veneer

Manufactured Thin Stone

Saratoga Masonry Supply certainly has the widest selection of manufacturers, styles and colors of manufactured thin stone veneer in the Capital district. Molded, shaped and colored using natural ground stone and lightweight aggregates the advantages and application of manufactured thin veneer is endless inside or out. Color and integrity guaranteed for life offers the look of natural stone without the costs and need of special support footings. Ability to install onto any sound surface inside or out, manufactured thin stone veneer has been the way to go for many years. Whether you’re looking for the fieldstone look, the tightness of a ledge rock, the rustic charm of a rounded river rock or the old world look of a castle rock, manufacture thin stone veneer has a product for you and at less than 13 pounds per square foot!

Natural Stone

For those of you who just won’t settle for less than the real thing, real thin stone veneer might be just the way to go! Real thin stone veneer can be installed anywhere manufactured thin stone can be and the process of installation is the same! Still weighing in at less than 15 pounds per square foot, sawn back natural thin veneer can be installed where full thickness natural stone can’t because of its weight and footing requirements. Often more expensive than it’s manufactured cousin, only natural real thin stone veneer offers the aged look of millions of years mother nature. Depending on quantities, often natural thin stone costs can rival that of manufactured stone and we at Saratoga Masonry Supply are eager and willing to help you compare and choose the right stone for you at a cost you can afford!